Do It Again

Do It Again


This doesn’t sound like Röyksopp featuring Robyn or Robyn produced by Röyksopp, it’s just something else entirely, the word ‘collaboration’ has never before been more justified in the world of music!


  1. Monument  Listen
  2. Sayit Watch
  3. Do It Again  Watch Lyric Video
  4. Every Little Thing  Listen
  5. Inside The Idle Hour Club  Listen


Do It Again Tour 2014

“This summer we'll be teaming up with the amazing Robyn to partake in a series of concerts throughout the world. Performing together is something we've occasionally done in the past - all to such merriment and exuberance, that we've decided to reunite and "Do It Again" in 2014. Each of these events will consist of a Robyn-part, a Röyksopp-part and of course a joined Robyn+Röyksopp-part - all wrapped up in lights 'n smoke and tons of joy. To say we're excited, is an understatement.” - Röyksopp

We’ve done shows together here and there and it’s a pleasure to be on tour with Svein & Torbjørn. I love them. I can’t say much about my set right now – I’m working on a lot of music at the moment and whatever is finished might be something I put into the set list. As usual I just hope people want to dance. I see pink lasers.” - Robyn


Due to unforeseen developments in recent days, we¹re unable to make tickets available for the advertised Robyn & Royksopp ‘Do It Again’ tour as scheduled. Further updates will be made available as soon as possible. Please standby

Update: Regrettably, due to a personal family matter, Robyn has to cancel her Australian dates

Update: We are very sorry to have to let you know that we will not be able to come to Australia and Japan for our scheduled performances with Robyn. We have looked into possibilities to put together our own show in lieu of the Robyn and Röyksopp performances but unfortunately are unable to produce this in time. We are currently working on alternatives to come later next year with our own Röyksopp show.

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